A message from Anonymous
I'm horny as hell from looking at your blog, wanna have some fun on kik?

Sure! bbwentrepreneur on there ;)

A message from Anonymous
Not a question but Mallory is really attractive.

You’re god damnned right she is.

Now say it again off anonymous ;)

A message from achippedchakram
My boyfriend is shaped very much like you. But he is nowhere near as confident as you. I find him so fucking sexy and I tell him all the time. How can i help him feel more confident? He's also very worried about squishing me, or hurting me so I feel like he's holding back. Any suggestions about positions where he can be comfortable and still fuck the shit out of me?

There’s a lot of good sexual positions for fat people, but I cannot possibly recommend doggy enough. He can lift his belly onto your ass, and you can have something a foot or so in front of you to push back against. This actually makes his weight into a asset rather than a liability. The additional momentum of his weight swinging into you will fuck his cock into your pussy harder and apply spank-like pressure against your clit.

As far as making him feel more sexy, you should find a few blogs where girls are crazy about fat guys. I mean damn, have you seen the Tumblr where the cute girl is going on and on and on about how hot Chris Christy is? She’d LOVE your boyfriend ;)

Let me know if you have any additional questions, and feel to send over any pics if you want my private opinion of them ;)


I really hope you like this. If you want more, i always post to my tumblr ;)

It’s fucking beautiful. I actually wish your tumblr had more of you and less of the thin women. You’re hotter than all of them.http://slightlydrunkblr.tumblr.com/


I really hope you like this. If you want more, i always post to my tumblr ;)

It’s fucking beautiful. I actually wish your tumblr had more of you and less of the thin women. You’re hotter than all of them.


This is Jessa. I’ve known her for almost 10 years. She was the first girl I met  online, and inspired my lifelong love for filthy talk, and honestly cemented my love for fat girls. I’m lucky to have met her, and to count her among my friends.  How fucking hot is this girl? 

A message from polybimorphosis
You are my hero.

You’re all too kind ;)

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You both are so fucking hot. I would love to play with you both before during and after sex. I'd eat your cum from her pussy of lick it and suck it off her tongue from her mouth. What do you think?

Come hang out ;)

Feel free to fill our inbox ;)

"Is it moving?"-MalMark and Adam- “Oh it’s definitely moving” ;)

"Is it moving?"-Mal
Mark and Adam- “Oh it’s definitely moving” ;)

This was actually Mal’s second cock back to back ;)

Reblog if you want to see the video ;)

It’s true.

It’s true.

A message from Anonymous
What a beautiful couple. Would like to see you cum and make her squirts so bad.

Mmmm! Thank you! Mal squirts so hard ;)

A message from Anonymous
Can you recommend any bbw dating sites? I'd love to meet women like the ones you meet.

I haven’t had much luck on BBW specific dating sites (And I think there’s a number of different reasons for that).

What I HAVE had a lot of luck with is OKCupid (I had almost 30 first dates in 2012 and 2013 before I met Mal,  and I can share a couple of ways you can use OKC to find women that you want to have sex with, and who want to have sex with you.

The first thing you should do is fill out your questions as completely as possible. There’s a few questions that are particularly relevant: “Can overweight people be sexy?” Pick “Always”. ” If one of your potential matches were overweight, would that be a dealbreaker?” Pick “No, in fact I prefer overweight people.”

But answer EVERYTHING. Don’t forget that the people you want to have sex with are PEOPLE, they are complex, they have interests, hopes, and dreams, political opinions and religious beliefs.

I suggest paying for the OKC A-list, this allows you to do two really important things, search for people by body type, and search for people by the answer they’ve

given to a particular question. Filter by either of the questions above and the appropriate answer, select the geographic area you want to look in, and then sort by Match %.

This will show you people who have a good chance of being attracted to you, and who share a lot of your interests (The more questions you answer, the more accurate these matches will be.)

When you message the person, be polite, speak to them like a HUMAN BEING, and mention shared interests they mention on their profiles. Does she like Firefly? Stargate? Foreign language films? Archery?  Scuba Diving? Dr Who?

For Example:
"Hi there! My name is Mark and I really like your profile! I saw you like Dr Who, Did you see the trailer for the new season? What did you think of it? You’re really pretty by the way :)"

If you think they’re pretty, say THAT, and if they appreciate the compliment, give more, at a reasonable pace in the normal course of ACTUAL CONVERSATIONS.

Also: Don’t state your appreciation for curvier women in the form of shaming other women “Real women have curves” “I think skinny women are ugly”, ect. You love

curvy women, that’s AWESOME, but there’s no need to body shame ANYONE, for ANY REASON.

I love answering these questions by the way. I’d love to talk more about it!

My first time enjoying a young woman I’ve wanted to play with for a long time.  Mal and I spent a hot day with her and her awesome boyfriend (Lots more gifs to come). It was a lot of firsts for all of us ;)

Follow her at: http://dolly-pocket.tumblr.com/

A message from maj1c
Wow what a hot hot sexy couple!!!!! I'd love to play with you both!!!!

I love hearing this kind of stuff! Especially about how hot everyone thinks Mal is :D